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Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo review

Over all this is a solid album. But I had some issues with this one. This entire album is based on a Buddhist chant. I have study Buddhism and only in a few places did I feel as though they were capturing the essence of chanting a mantra. After 20 minutes of chanting the same phrase again and again your body and mind start to feel different as one is literally heading towards enlighten. If there was a band who could capture this sensation it would be the Acid Mothers Temple, but only in a few places, parts 1, 3 and a few others, did they start to move towards those feelings I have experienced. During a live set I heard on, Tsuyama Atsushi described themselves as 'fake Buddhists' and on they web site explain that this album is not connected to any organized religion. This could be why they do not fully capture the essence of Buddhist chanting.

My second problem with this album is it only one track. On past AMT albums such as IAO Chant this made sense it felt like one long song. But with this album each of the 9 parts feels like different songs and only a few of them have any real connection to each other. And Only in a few parts are they actually chanting the mantra.

In other news the AMT website says Kitagawa Hao has left the Acid Mothers Temple, so I guess this is the last album with her on it. Which is a shame because female vocals just seem to work well within the AMT sound. During the Crystal Pyramid tour she seemed to be lost and not knowing what to do, but I was hoping she would eventually find her place within the group and based on the past three album she seemed to be doing so.

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