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Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars review

This probably one of their best works. One of their better produced albums too. Differently putting a lot of their money into better equipment, and its most certainly paying off. For some reason this album has a very Pink Floyd vibe to it(to me at least). 

Track one: Pussy Head Man From Outer Space. Standard AMT fare. Enjoyable. A good old fashion freak-out, 

Track Two: Crystal Rainbow Pyramid This track blew me away. Though the Donald duck vocals, in the beginning, I coulda done without. but the jam that kicks in around the 7:35 mark is outstanding. The riff that acts as grooves foundation has got to be one of the best in all of psych-rock. Based on a (what sounds to me) very weird scale.

 Track three: Electric Psilocybin Flaskback. Very apporeratly title song. At first this song didn't really do it for me. The beginning middle eastern riff, played of a sitar(?) sound hokey. And the sax solo by the normally impressive Ono Ryoko sounded sugary. But after a few listens this piece grew on me .

  The album  art work is kinda of a let down to though. it has a genric 70's/ Roger Dean feel to it.
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