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Acid Mothers Temple's Journal
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in Acid Mothers Temple's LiveJournal:

Sunday, May 25th, 2008
12:20 pm
Recurring Dream & Apocalypse Of Darkness review
My first AMT vinyl!
This is a heavy record. Kawabata compared this album to Sunno))). I can see the similarities. This whole album has a harsh metallic-industrial sound, way past Electric Heavyland. clocking in at two 45 minute songs, no clear riffs or hooks appear. It almost sound like a forgotten Cosmic Infernal record.
While the art for for this album is somewhat simple. I think it complements the music well. Dense symmetrical shapes, surrounded by harsh earthy colors. not sure where any of it begins or ends.
This is not an album for causal fans of AMT.

Monday, April 28th, 2008
10:06 pm
Lets get this community some activity
What is your Favorite AMT album?
Mine is Univers Zen ou de zéro à zéro
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
5:32 pm
I see this community actually has members. Introduce yourselves!
Do you guys see AMT on their latest tour?
Saturday, January 26th, 2008
4:37 pm
this is this song 'Master Builder' by Gong. This is the bases of the cosmic inferno's song IAO Chant from the Cosmic Inferno.
Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
10:36 pm

An Amazing video.
my head expolded from the lulz overload.
Friday, July 20th, 2007
7:24 pm
Any subject you want.

For fans of those who's heard whose heard Do What Ever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Don't Want, where is a collectintion  of mp3s from the band Maquiladora. A band who has a track on that album.
Speed Guru is a fan of this band and distrubutes some of their albums on the Acid Mothers label.
they have a since mellow  country sound that you just drift into.
Also here is there myspace http://www.myspace.com/maqsd
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
8:18 pm
La Novia
To hear a short clip of La Novia sung buy a tradtional Occtian sing click hear:
Friday, July 13th, 2007
11:51 pm
Acid Mothers Temple Tour News
 Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno :
Tabata Mitsuru : b. vo (Zeni Geva, Leningrad Blues Machine, Amazon Saliva)
Higashi Hiroshi : syn, g (Acid Mothers Gong, Cosmic Dew)
Shimura Koji : dr (Miminokoto, ex.High Rise, ex.Mainliner, ex.White Heaven)
Kawabata Makoto : g (Gong, ex.Mainliner)
Pikachu : dr. vo (Afrirampo)

Pikachu (Afrirampo) joins with Acid Mothers Cosmic Inferno!!!!!!!!


Jul. 20th (fri) @ Chaotic Noise KOCHI (088-871-0481)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, TEN-No.5, Swan

open 18:30 / start 19:00
adv 2000 yen / door 2500 yen


Jul. 22nd (sun) @ Hoshizora Jett Rock Bar MATSUYAMA (089-933-0001)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Five Fault Fever, The Luice-Men, Space Grinder, etc

open 17:30 / start 18:00
adv 1500 yen / door 1500 yen


Jul. 24th (tue) @ At Hall OITA(097-535-2567)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Clavinotes/Black Fog Mountain

open 19:30 / start 20:00
adv 2000 yen / door 2500 yen


Jul. 25th (wed) @ Navaro KUMAMOTO (096-352-1200)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Ishiatamazizo, Folk

open 21:00 / door 2500 yen (including 1 drink)


Jul. 26th (thu) @ Decatant Deluxe FUKUOKA (092-761-9111)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Nokemono, Nontroppo, Anti Against Anti, etc

open 18:30 / start 19:00
adv 2000 yen / door 2500 yen


Jul. 27th (fri) @ Decatant Deluxe FUKUOKA (092-761-9111)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Accidents In Too Large Field, Rokuzero (Rokugenkin + Naboo Anju)

adv 2000 yen / door 2500 yen


Jul. 29th (sun) @ Indoyo YAMAGUCHI HOFU (0835-38-5324)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Nokemono, FRATENN, Same

avd 2500 yen / door 3000yen


Jul. 30th (mon) @ Pepper Land OKAYAMA (086-253-9758)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Muraoka Ju & Feed Back Orchestra, Bomb Ketch, etc

start 19:00 / door 1800 yen


Aug. 1st (wed) @ Ooh-La-La KYOTO (075-311-3400)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Ultra Bide

open 18:30 / start 19:00
adv 1000 yen / door 1500 yen


Aug. 2nd (thu) @ Helluva Lounge KOBE (078-331-7732)

w/ Suzuki Junzo, Doburoku Kyodai

open 18:00 / start 18:30
adv 2000 yen / door 2500 yen


Aug. 3rd (fri) @ Bears OSAKA NAMBA (06-6649-5564)

"Heavy Space Psychedelic Rock Carnival"

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno with Yamazaki Maso (Masonna)

w/ Doburoku Kyodai with Higashi Hiroshi
Novocane + Nasca Car

I've recently started listening to Afrirampo and I think Pika(is that an actual Japanese name or is she just mocking Pokemon?) is a good fit for this band.
Who's up for a trip to Japan to check this out? The 22 show shows awesome but 1500 yen? that's is a little steep. 500 would be a more fair price.

For those in America:

Acid Mothers Guru Guru :
Mani Neumeier : dr. vo (from Guru Guru)
Tsuyama Atsushi : b. vo (from Acid Mothers Temple)
Kawabata Makoto : g (from Acid Mothers Temple, Gong)

Aug. 31 (fri) @ Middle East Upstairs CAMBRIDGE. MA
Sep. 01 (sat) @ Mercury Lounge NEW YORK. NY
Sep. 02 (sun) @ Johnny Brendas PHILADELPHIA. PA
Sep. 04 (tue) @ Empty Bottle CHICAGO. IL
Sep. 05 (wed) @ Triple Rock Club MINNEAPOLIS. MN
Sep. 08 (sat) @ Chop Suey SEATTLE, WA
Sep. 09 (sun) @ Doug Fir Lounge PORTLAND. OR
Sep. 10 (mon) @ Bottom of The Hill SAN FRANCISCO. CA
Sep. 11 (tue) @ Troubadour LOS ANGELES. CA
Sep. 12 (wed) @ Casbah SAN DIEGO. CA
I'll definitely be at the Aug 31 show.
This one of the hardest working bands today?
Where do they find the energy and money to tour this much....they did an entire tour this spring as well and released three albums this year and I heard they're going to record this fall. As Much as its a cliche, but prolific is an understatment.
Monday, July 2nd, 2007
7:55 pm
Mantra Of Love Review

An Acid Mothers Temple classic. This was the first AMT album I bought.

Track One: La Le LoLa
Le Lo will always be a one of my favorite AMT songs. Just the way it flows, where as most AMT songs aim to overload the senses, La Le Lo just allows you to drift into it. This track is a future exploration into Occitan folk music, that was started with fan favorite La Novia. The track starts out with chanting of the title from Monster bass player Tsyuama Atsushi and harmonization from Cotton Casino. With a guitar playing the main theme, this part is very hypnotic. For 30 seconds, a good drone appears with some nice, bass riffing from Tsyuama and nice snare rolls from Koizumi Hajime. Then at 6:17 with a nice short drum fill, the Richard Wright of the Acid Mothers Temple, perfectly kicks the synthesizer in, and the whole band just lets loose. Speed Guru Kawabata Makoto, gives one of his most impressive solos. But not only is Kawabata just soloing over the rest of the bands' groove, like on most AMT tracks, the whole band is really jamming, Really melding all the instruments into one entity, really building up the tension until 13:15. the guitars giving few shorts strums. Cotton returns to the title's chant. With Kawabata quietly playing the main theme, under her. Effectively building up the tempo, until the bands moves back into jamming but this with more tension and more of the feedback we expect from AMT, for ten minutes. Closing things off with a nice clean outro, the type that AMT has come to mastered.

Track Two: L' Ambition dans le Miroir (the ambition in the mirror)
For the first 5 minutes, this is one of the most beautiful in the AMT canon. but for the next ten its seems to drift aimlessly. There some groups of people who like this kind of stuff, but I can never get into soundscapes and the such. Bands like Boris or Sunn just seem like noise to me, I like some kind of structure or direction in music. Sometimes I can drift into something like this but it seems to go on far too long for me to get into it. As said other place this is Cotton's swan song. So give a breathtaking vocal performance on this piece. I have no idea what she's saying. This album is the last with Cotton Casino. I personally think AMT lost something with the departure of Cotton. Her vocals weren't anything that was necessarily special. but she at a mystic that was irreplaceable. Also like the simplistic artwork on this paper case album. Continuing with the tradition started by La Novia, and old photograph of a group of man holding various instruments gracing the cover. With another old photograph of a several man standing around a [fake?] whale head. And a simple photograph of a [Japanese] landscape at dawn in the inside cover. One Problem I have with this album, and with the others on Alien 8, the sound quality gives something to be desired, but on another level it gives a better trippy feel, as if it was played on vinyl

Sunday, July 1st, 2007
10:53 am
Myth Of The Love Electrique review

This album marks the first for new member Kitagawa Hao. For a long time I didn't think any one could replace the beer and cigarettes, that lead vocalist Cotton Casino was bringing to the group; but the Hot Spice and Alcohol that she shares with the group really kicks things up a notch. Her voice his higher pitched and more operatic then Cotton's more aggressive style. The art work on this album marks a return of having a naked woman on the cover, something about a good tasteful nude [two virgins, any one?] that goes along with hippie music so well.

Track One: The Man from Giacobinid Meteor Comet
Taking the name of the song title from the 21p/Giacobini-Zinner comet. Name a better subject for a AMT song? This track is segmented into three different parts, or so the track listing says where one begins and one ends is any ones guess and kinda unnecessary. But the title of Part B of the track works in a Django Reinhardt reference which nice to see them branching out from 60's and 70's acid-rock references.
The Section is your standard AMT freak-outs that are the trademark mark of the group(s); around 13:40 a sitar drone boils up enough the howling electric instruments to be replaced by an acoustic guitar arpeggio riff and some synth nodding. Around 16:10 a full blown-white noise drone drags on for a good six minute finishes out the album. The freak-out jams as of late seem to be phoned-in, but the ending drone [tone pedal?] really makes this a stand out track in my opinion.

Track two: Five Dimensional Nightmare
Again broken-up into three different segments, that seem to have no real beginning and no real end [the way of the acid mothers temple]. this song starts out with a sitar-riff/medieval vibe to it. We first get to hear Kitagawa's vocals, I personally think she is more musically talented[ at least a better singing voice] then Cotton. She can different sustain a note, giving these parts a nice trippy feel. Then piece moves in a harsh droning with an instrument that sounds like a Scottish bag pipe [no idea what it is]. to finish with an acoustic mellow/distant [only AMT could create both at the same time] jam.

Track three: Love Electrique
A pretty solid freak-out jam. Kitagawa giving a nice staccato vocal performance. Around 9:50 the freak-out drifts into a mellow jam, to slowly build up to an very impressive solo from speed-guru Kawabata Makoto. The outro to this, is a nice clean sounding [not distorted/no effects?!?] guitar riff. very catchy.

Track Four: Pink Lady Lemonade [May I Drink You Once Again?]
An AMT classic redone. The first half of this is the band jamming of the what sounds like the chord progression for Pink Lady Lemonade, but with a heavy delay(?) effect on the guitars. Some serious bass riffing from Tsuyama. This guy must be one of the most under-rated bass player out there. He knows how to just hang out under enough the main riff and really jam out. Kitagawa giving some really nice operatic vocals, giving the first half a nice dream-like feel to it. Unfortunately the main jam of pink lady lemonade feels phoned-in. I understand after playing this piece what must be a thousand(s) times, its going to change and be updated [dark star blues was updated spectacularly]. But somehow there isn't any real evolution here. Pretty disappointing.

This Album differently marks a turning point in terms of sound quality. And the beginning of an amazing three album run with new vocalist Kitagawa Hao.

1:16 am
Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars review

This probably one of their best works. One of their better produced albums too. Differently putting a lot of their money into better equipment, and its most certainly paying off. For some reason this album has a very Pink Floyd vibe to it(to me at least). 

Track one: Pussy Head Man From Outer Space. Standard AMT fare. Enjoyable. A good old fashion freak-out, 

Track Two: Crystal Rainbow Pyramid This track blew me away. Though the Donald duck vocals, in the beginning, I coulda done without. but the jam that kicks in around the 7:35 mark is outstanding. The riff that acts as grooves foundation has got to be one of the best in all of psych-rock. Based on a (what sounds to me) very weird scale.

 Track three: Electric Psilocybin Flaskback. Very apporeratly title song. At first this song didn't really do it for me. The beginning middle eastern riff, played of a sitar(?) sound hokey. And the sax solo by the normally impressive Ono Ryoko sounded sugary. But after a few listens this piece grew on me .

  The album  art work is kinda of a let down to though. it has a genric 70's/ Roger Dean feel to it.
12:47 am
Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo review

Over all this is a solid album. But I had some issues with this one. This entire album is based on a Buddhist chant. I have study Buddhism and only in a few places did I feel as though they were capturing the essence of chanting a mantra. After 20 minutes of chanting the same phrase again and again your body and mind start to feel different as one is literally heading towards enlighten. If there was a band who could capture this sensation it would be the Acid Mothers Temple, but only in a few places, parts 1, 3 and a few others, did they start to move towards those feelings I have experienced. During a live set I heard on Archives.com, Tsuyama Atsushi described themselves as 'fake Buddhists' and on they web site explain that this album is not connected to any organized religion. This could be why they do not fully capture the essence of Buddhist chanting.

My second problem with this album is it only one track. On past AMT albums such as IAO Chant this made sense it felt like one long song. But with this album each of the 9 parts feels like different songs and only a few of them have any real connection to each other. And Only in a few parts are they actually chanting the mantra.

In other news the AMT website says Kitagawa Hao has left the Acid Mothers Temple, so I guess this is the last album with her on it. Which is a shame because female vocals just seem to work well within the AMT sound. During the Crystal Pyramid tour she seemed to be lost and not knowing what to do, but I was hoping she would eventually find her place within the group and based on the past three album she seemed to be doing so.

12:31 am
First Post.

Welcome to The Acid Mothers Temple Community. There wasn't an community dedicated to AMT so I decide to make one. Feel free to post reviews of any of the AMT soul collective bands / Albums/ Shows. Topics are not limited to AMT but to anything psych related.

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