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Mantra Of Love Review

An Acid Mothers Temple classic. This was the first AMT album I bought.

Track One: La Le LoLa
Le Lo will always be a one of my favorite AMT songs. Just the way it flows, where as most AMT songs aim to overload the senses, La Le Lo just allows you to drift into it. This track is a future exploration into Occitan folk music, that was started with fan favorite La Novia. The track starts out with chanting of the title from Monster bass player Tsyuama Atsushi and harmonization from Cotton Casino. With a guitar playing the main theme, this part is very hypnotic. For 30 seconds, a good drone appears with some nice, bass riffing from Tsyuama and nice snare rolls from Koizumi Hajime. Then at 6:17 with a nice short drum fill, the Richard Wright of the Acid Mothers Temple, perfectly kicks the synthesizer in, and the whole band just lets loose. Speed Guru Kawabata Makoto, gives one of his most impressive solos. But not only is Kawabata just soloing over the rest of the bands' groove, like on most AMT tracks, the whole band is really jamming, Really melding all the instruments into one entity, really building up the tension until 13:15. the guitars giving few shorts strums. Cotton returns to the title's chant. With Kawabata quietly playing the main theme, under her. Effectively building up the tempo, until the bands moves back into jamming but this with more tension and more of the feedback we expect from AMT, for ten minutes. Closing things off with a nice clean outro, the type that AMT has come to mastered.

Track Two: L' Ambition dans le Miroir (the ambition in the mirror)
For the first 5 minutes, this is one of the most beautiful in the AMT canon. but for the next ten its seems to drift aimlessly. There some groups of people who like this kind of stuff, but I can never get into soundscapes and the such. Bands like Boris or Sunn just seem like noise to me, I like some kind of structure or direction in music. Sometimes I can drift into something like this but it seems to go on far too long for me to get into it. As said other place this is Cotton's swan song. So give a breathtaking vocal performance on this piece. I have no idea what she's saying. This album is the last with Cotton Casino. I personally think AMT lost something with the departure of Cotton. Her vocals weren't anything that was necessarily special. but she at a mystic that was irreplaceable. Also like the simplistic artwork on this paper case album. Continuing with the tradition started by La Novia, and old photograph of a group of man holding various instruments gracing the cover. With another old photograph of a several man standing around a [fake?] whale head. And a simple photograph of a [Japanese] landscape at dawn in the inside cover. One Problem I have with this album, and with the others on Alien 8, the sound quality gives something to be desired, but on another level it gives a better trippy feel, as if it was played on vinyl

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